Lephis Forest - New Destinations

Just four hours drive from Addis, find a secluded forest called Lephis Forest in Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley. It’s a natural wonder with breathtaking views, a stunner waterfall and endemic birds and wildlife. This is something that has been hidden for most tourists but let’s give you a detail. The mountain chains so hard to take your eyes off and also valleys and glades that is found to be so amazing. Not only this, the main attraction and a home for the resident Wildlife (leopards, warthogs, bushbuck, mountain Nyala, Colobus monkeys, thick-billed ravens, African white backed vultures, and blue-breasted bee-eaters), is the untouched highland forests stuffed with matchless flora and fauna.

You can have a guided tour on foot or horseback that can show you this little-known region, the community, and the tranquil waterfall, which cascades down a lush green cliff face deep in the forest.

Waterfall Hike: Visitors can enjoy a guided hike or horseback ride through the stunning Lephis forest which culminates at the breathtaking Lephis waterfall.
Dungago Hike: For visitors with more time, the Dungago Trail offers a full day of adventures in the forest. Visitors can enjoy wildlife viewing, a visit to the waterfall, and birdwatching.

Overnight Camping Adventure: Visitors wishing to spend more time in the forest can stay overnight at the fully equipped Lephis Campsite and enjoy an early morning hike. A great choice for birdwatchers!