Irreecha Celebration Oromo Ritual

This unique event takes place on the shore of Lake Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) and the shore of Lake Hora (Jimma city) by the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. This celebration is done by the locals as a thanksgiving to their God (Qaqa) for everything he has given to them all year long. Attending this ceremony, elders from the Geda (which is sort of an Administrative system that has been used by the Oromo ethnic group since old times. People who are on the top of this system are thought to be knowledgeable and respected. They also give a lot of color to this celebration by performing the also the main part of the event, Blessing the Country, its people, the nature, the land, the cattle and more to be ever fruitful and productive all year long.

This is done by over a 1000 people standing on the shores and the elders stirring long grasses in the Lake and sprinkling the blessed water on to the participants for them to be blessed as well.