Ashenda is a festival celebrated in August in the Ethiopian regions of Tigray and Northern Amhara. In this ceremony there will be great traditional songs sung by girls coming from all over the villages and they will be wearing Ashenda. Ashenda is a Tigrinya word meaning "tall green grass", estimated at around 80–90 cm minimum height on top of their traditional dresses which makes the celebration even more colorful. This cultural festivity was originated from two historical legends that occurred in different periods. These were;

  • The death of Jehphttah's son by her father as an offer to the god of Israel in the Old Testament and
  • The death and reincarnation of Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus) in the New Testament

The festival of Ashenda has cultural, religious and economic importance

Dates celebrated

  • In Amhara region it is called Shaday. It is celebrated on August 16
  • In Adigrat town it is called Mariya. It is celebrated August 15–17
  • In Aksum town it is called Ayniwari. It is celebrated August 23–25


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